Why Every Self-Advocate Needs Entrepreneurial Education

People often ask me, can someone learn to be an entrepreneur? While some people don't think it can be, my answer is always YES! I know this because I did. And more importantly, my brother, who is on the autism spectrum, did too. In fact, his success is why I started Celebrate EDU, to create entrepreneurial education programs for individuals with developmental disabilities across the country.

Education in entrepreneurship is proven to teach skills that affect all areas of a person's life. Some of these benefits include:

In addition to learning these valuable skills, those who receive entrepreneurship education become more empowered consumers, are more engaged in their daily lives, and are more prepared for the future. 

I believe that entrepreneurial education is important for everyone, but especially for self-advocates. Self-employment and entrepreneurship is a proven path for those with disabilities. Research from the US Department of Labor shows that the self-employment rate for Americans with a disability is 14.7%, twice as high as the 7% self-employment rate of those without a disability.

Entrepreneurial education provides a viable path for employment. While I know entrepreneurship isn't a path for everyone, it is for 27 million entrepreneurs in the U.S. I believe that every person should have the option of pursuing entrepreneurship, especially self-advocates with disabilities. 

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